Best Selling Apple iPhone
The Apple iPhone is Apple’s most popular and introduced us to the luxurious new deep jet black colour scheme, which makes it impossible to see where the aluminium ends and the glass begins.
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Best Selling Google Pixel
The Google Pixel is a groundbreaking smartphone, introducing the new Google Assistant and Android Nougat operating system.
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Best Selling Samsung Galaxy
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the second most popular phone and this delivers a bigger experience on a 5.1” QHD display. The body is thin at 7.9mm and combines metal and glass for a premium look and feel.
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Best Selling Sony Xperia
The Sony Xperia XZ has a unique shine created through the use of high purity ALKALEIDO metal. This meets a 5.2” display that is sized for the internet, media playback and gaming.
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Best Selling Microsoft Lumia
The Microsoft Lumia 950 should be the smartphone of choice for professionals. The 5.2” display brings the Microsoft Windows 10 OS to users and this includes the Cortana digital assistant, which is synced over all Windows 10 devices.
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Best Selling Google Nexus
The Google Nexus 5X has a 5.2” display, 7.9mm thick body and Google’s Marshmallow OS. This brings with it a fingerprint sensor and Now on Tap. USB Type-C fast charging is once again featured and gives 3.8 hours of use from only 10 minutes of charge.
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Best Selling LG
One of the real surprise performers at MWC 2016, the LG G5 stole the show with its modular design and impressive features. Allowing for a removable battery along with some other impressive additions, the G5 has quickly become one of the most popular phones on the market.
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